Thursday, October 25, 2012


I have rituals when I begin to sew.  First, I get something to drink, coffee or tea if it is cold outside, water or juice or tea with ice if it is warm.  It is a long way from the kitchen to my sewing room, and I usually don't know how long I'm going to be down there, so I like to be prepared.  When I enter the room, I light either a scented candle or incense.  If necessary, I turn on the lights, but since there is so much southern exposure in my sewing room, I only have to do that at night and on gray days.  Then, I wander around, putting away anything that needs putting away so that I have room to work on the day's project(s).  All this takes just 3 - 5 minutes, but it is a smorgasbord for the senses, getting me ready to be creative.  I've got taste and smell covered with the drink and the incense.  Part of cleaning up is practical, but part is so I can feel the fabrics in my hands and see what is hiding in my fabric drawers as I put things away - touch and sight.  All that is left is hearing, and while I used to always listen to music or a story while sewing, lately, I've been sewing in silence.  I get so much THINKING done while I am sewing, and it is easier to think with less noise.

Do you have any rituals when you sew?

After last night's ritual, here's what I accomplished.

I'm up to three completed Split Stars and 3 completed selvage blocks, but I have another Split Star nearing completion, and 3 more selvage blocks in various stages of completion.

Halloween brings its own rituals.  One, of course, is carving the pumpkins.  I cut the top, the kids scoop the innards, I separate the seeds for roasting, the kids draw on the faces, and I cut along their drawn lines.  It's such a simple activity, but the boys and I always have so much fun doing it together.  Then, we light them and wait for Daddy to come home from practice.  He always takes a picture.

For someone who loves spontaneity and change, I realize I also cherish my rituals.


Lane said...

Hey, Erin. I wish I could pick up after myself in the sewing room like you do. The closest I can get to a ritual is winding bobbins. I wind a whole stack of them and then toss the spools away. I can use these for all my piecing, until I run out. Hope you and yours are doing well. Great pumpkins! Lane

Shay said...

I tend to lurch into the sewing room without much thought and I certainly dont have a ritual as centering as yours !

Maybe I should carve pumpkins ?

Julie Fukuda said...

Yep, I begin with the drink as well... though the kitchen is only a few steps away. If I picked things up before starting though, there would be no time left to do any sewing. The stars are wonderful ... as is the delightful package that slipped through my mail slot yesterday!

joe tulips said...

I love the star blocks. Don't forget to post them so you are in the drawing! Maybe you did, anyway...I spent a long time this morning checking out the links for the selvage blocks. They are very cool looking.
The pumpkins are adorable. And the main reason I came this morning...I was checking my weather and clicked on a thing about the NE, Sandy and our cold air headed your way. You are under the wet heavy snow area if it pans out that way. EEEEK.