Friday, October 5, 2012

Prepare to be amazed

I don't really have anything of my own to show today.  Life has been ridiculously hectic.  I took my Orange Creamsicle quilt on the road with me this past Wednesday as I was driving all over creation visiting schools, hoping I'd get somewhere early and have time to sit and stitch.  Didn't happen. I'm working and hanging out with Cub Scouts all weekend, PLUS having my booth tomorrow (weather permitting) so I'm thinking I might step out of work early to sit on my porch and sit in the sun for an hour or two.  Gotta slow down sometime!

But while I was visiting schools this week, I saw something I just had to share.  I was visiting St. Anne's-Belfield School in Charlottesville, VA, and I stopped short when I saw this dress made by a student out of the pages of a book.  Isn't this AMAZING?

Even the flowers are made out of paper.

And check out the little paper butterflies!

Here's the girl modeling the dress she designed when they had their runway show (the counselor emailed me the photo after she saw how taken I was with the project).

I'm in awe.  I can barely sew two pieces of fabric together in a straight line with a machine, and she made this masterpiece from the pages of a book!  Be inspired, folks!  Create something today!


Becky said...


Barb H said...

What a talented young lady. The dress is beautiful!

Julie Fukuda said...

Now that reminds me of a Cub Scout game I have not played for a while ... maybe it is time. Each den gets a certain amount of newspaper and they have tape and scissors and have to make a costume. Sometimes I have them dress the leader and sometimes a member of the den. Boy, can they get creative... and of course a hat and weaponry are a must.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Simply gorgeous! I was in New Orleans this summer and in several windows I saw garments being displayed that were made of "trash". One was of the tabs off soda cans, one from plastic water battles flattened out, etc. The imagination it takes to make something like that is way beyond me! blessings, marlene