Saturday, July 28, 2012

Way ahead!

My fabric for the August Bee Block arrived early, so here it is still July, and I've already gotten my August block done - awesome!

I'm not the only one way ahead these days. My kids swam in their championship swim meet today. Donald came in first in the backstroke for his age group, finishing a full 10 seconds before any of the other kids! He was cool about it, but I'm so happy for him I could pop!

Jason said it best on his back:

Tomorrow is my husband's birthday.  I'm not sure what he wants to do with the day, but I hope there is time for some porch sitting and some quilting.  I wish summer could last forever - it is my absolute favorite time of year!


Janet said...

That's a pretty cute brag.

Wilma NC said...

Had to laugh. When I saw his back, I immediately thought of fart bubbles in the pool, lol.

joe tulips said...

10 seconds is like FOREVER, that is awesome! I love summer too.
Hotflashes make me love winter even more. Happy Birthday Mr. Vesuviuspop.

ColorSlut said...

Your block is perfect. I'm having a hard time getting the white around the butterflies. Do you have some tips for me??