Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Simple, yet satisfying

Some friends are stopping by my job tomorrow with their 9-month-old baby girl on their way from Boston to Idaho. (through Virginia!?!  Whatever.)  I didn't, of course, have time to make the baby a quilt, but I had to make her SOMETHING. A bib it is!  Simple, yet satisfying!

And if I'm making one bib, why not make two?  This one will be for my cousin's baby, due in July, for whom I am making the Good Fortune Lil Twister quilt.

Both bibs are flannel, and backed with bright jewel-toned pink flannel, with velcro closures at the neck.
 Making things for babies is so gratifying!


The Cozy Quilter said...

You can never have enough nice bibs and those ones look great!

Hazel said...

They'll love them .

Julie Fukuda said...

What? Do planes go anywhere from Boston other than Chicago? When I try to fly between Boston and D.C., why do they always route me through Chicago??? The bibs are great! Can't have too many of those.

Becky said...

Just look at you!! Wonderful gifts. I love the pink argyle. Classy!

Shay said...

I love making baby bibs. Quick, easy and practical.

LOVE the argyle one. Classy and fun!

ColorSlut said...

Totally love them! What pattern did you use? I'd like to make some :)