Monday, May 14, 2012

SFO Terminal 3

Imagine my delight to find an exhibit in the terminal called "Threading the Needle: Sewing in the Machine Age," when I arrived in San Francisco on Thursday evening!   But it was getting dark and I had to get my rental car and drive an hour to a place I had never been, so I didn't dawdle.  Instead, I vowed to get back to the airport early on Saturday so I'd have time to check it out.

Fast forward past a wonderful visit with my college roommate and her family, followed by an exhausting yet exhilariting conference, and I was back in the airport on Saturday evening with hours to spare before my redeye flight back home.  I didn't photograph everything - there was simply too much - but I did pick a couple of things to share with you.  First of all, the quilt blocks:

I'm going to make a butterfly block like that some day!
The toy machines:

I'd love to get my hands on a toy machine!
The clever thread/scissor/pin holders - I love these birds!

I wonder if I can get someone with a table saw to cut some birds out for me...
The chatelaine's (I just read a book where part of a chatelaine was uncovered at an historical archeological site, and I wasn't quite sure what it was - now I know!)

If you fly through SFO anytime soon, I encourage you to mosey on down to Terminal 3 to see this for yourself.  And to think, there were people who hopped on the moving sidewalks to bypass this treasure trove!  I overheard one woman say with a sniff, "I don't think many people have time to still sew."  If only she knew!  I was so hoping that she'd be the one seated next to me while I worked on quilting my Good Fortune Lil Twister quilt on the plane ride west.
The front

The back
When I got home, the kids and hubby had cleaned the house and there were hugs, kisses and presents waiting for me.  I spent the afternoon helping Jason make his own travel pillow for our road and plane trips later this summer.  I'm sure Donald will want one at some point, too.  Jason's is flannel, for extra soft snuggliness.  I thought he'd want it to travel, but he's been wearing it around the house...
We made his a little bit smaller than mine, flannel, with a black back.

He has been wearing it ever since he finished it!

He says it is so comfortable he could sleep standing up.  Clown!
Someone asked if I had a pattern, and I don't.  I looked for one online, and there are several, but I just drew my own.


Julie Fukuda said...

Ha Ha! He likes modeling that better than aprons and the like. What a bright smile! Even better than the airport display must have been being met with a clean house. Happy belated mother's day!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

What a wonderful exhibit! That lady should see the machines in my house (that I DO sew on). Bet she just needs a good hobby.

joe tulips said...

How fun to see the display. I need to look up chatelaine. I am looking at them and still can't figure out what they are.

quiltfool said...

Thanks for sharing the exhibit. Nobody has time to still sew...more like nobody has enough sewing time. I love the sewing birds and chatelain's the best. If you buy a toy machine, know that most are chainstich (no bobbin thread), not lockstitch sewing machines. Not a problem, unless you ever plan to use it. Lane

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

What a great way to spend time at the airport! Your Good Fortune Lil Twister quilt is coming along beautifully. Your hand quilting is so even and precise! Jason is so funny - however, I think kids can sleep standing up - lol!