Monday, October 17, 2011

A Winner, a Bobcat and a Chef!

First of all, congratulations to Angel, commenter #4, whose number was chosen by the Random Number Generator! Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway! I love seeing who is reading my blog, and there is nothing like a giveaway to make people bite the bullet and comment, instead of just lurking silently. (which, by the way, is not meant to be a derisive comment - I am guilty of silently lurking myself!)

Second of all, I am finished traveling for the year - YAY!!! As much as I love to travel, I love being home more. This weekend was a typical one:

- Donald earned his Bobcat Badge at the Cub Scout Pack Meeting on Saturday (a distinction for which you get your face painted - anyone have any spare teeth they can donate to the Hutchinson household? Or better yet, I'll rent my children out to you as Jack-O-Lanterns at a really reasonable rate!)

-He made Rice Krispy treats to bring to the meeting. See his apron? I won that in a blogging giveaway last year from Rebecca at Our Busy Little Bunch. She makes the coolest stuff and is constantly having giveaways - check her out. And see the dogs circling about waiting to scarf up anything he drops? Boy, do they know my son well! (Are dogs allowed to eat marshmallows?)

-The Black Belt Test for Karate is Saturday, October 22. I spent 5 hours at the dojo this weekend in preparation. I'm so nervous, I'm nauseous. And thrilled to pieces that by this time next week, I can say, "I am a Black Belt in karate!" I might just introduce myself that way for a while, "Hi, I'm Erin "I'm a Black Belt in karate" Hutchinson. Nice to meet you!" What do you think, too much?

Anyway, during the test, we get to demonstrate our moves on an UKE, a generous soul who sacrifices his/her body to us for the day, prepared to be thrown about just to make us look good. My UKE is a 6 ft, 20 year old Black Belt, who also fancies himself a chef, a true Renaissance Man. We are supposed to present our UKE with a gift at the conclusion of the test. I am making him some kitchen stuff - an apron, a hot pad and a double potholder. I bought what I hope he will consider "manly" fabrics while I was in WV, and started on the gift this weekend. The double potholder is done, and while not perfect, I really like how it turned out. It is nice and roomy, plenty big enough for his manly hands. I will probably make one for myself. And perhaps for some family members who like to cook.

Now to finish up with the hot pad and the apron. I also hope to make something for Jason to give his UKE, a drawstring backpack made from one of the t-shirts from the dojo. Gotta get cracking - only 5 more days...


Shay said...

Congratulations Angel!

Congratulations Donald (and don't you worry Mom - those teeth will meet in the middle at some point !)

Good Luck for Saturday - I'll have to remember you're Erin "Black Belt" Hutchinson when we meet and try hard not to say anything inflammatory.

Love the potholder...cute gift to give a 6 foot black belt instructor.

Becky said...

Glad your travel time is over and you can return to your wonderful family! The potholder looks nice, I think he will love it!

Gill said...

Congratulations Angel!

Janet said...

And what did your son have to DO to earn a Bobcat badge? I cannot even guess. Congratulations on your lurking black belt. I think you should introduce yourself that way, at least a couple of times.

quiltzyx said...

That is a great looking potholder! Did you design the pattern yourself? I have been thinking about how to make those myself, but that's as far as I got! lol

Good luck on your Black Belt exam - and, yes, you should introduce yourself that least for a while! :D

Julie Fukuda said...

Great for the latest bobcat! We used to turn the boys upside down and pin on the bobcat pin rightside up. Then when the boy was back on his feet, we told him to do a good turn for someone, turn his pin rightside up, and that would be a sign for his Mom to sew the patch on his shirt. Then he was to give the pin to his mother as a thank you. Well, these days they don't want us to turn the kids anymore (although In 35 years we never dropped a kid) We just put the pin on upside down. No paint. I think we passed out six at Fridays Pack meeting.
Sock it to 'em, karate kid!