Sunday, October 2, 2011

Technology woes!

I have so much to share from my travels so far, but when I arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica last night, I discovered that neither my iPad nor my Blackberry was functioning. WAH! I have photos from Chapultepec Castle that I visited, photos from the Historic Center of Mexico City/Zocalo where I visited vendors for trinkets marvelled at the old buildings. I was there when they ceremonially lowered the (ENORMOUS) Mexican flag in the center plaza. Everyone stopped walking and gathered around. Cars that were driving by stopped where they were in the streets and everyone got out and stood watching. Maybe it is a daily thing, but it was a moving experience.

Now, I am at a hotel that I've never stayed at in San Jose and let me tell you, it is NICE! My room has a small balcony that looks out over a golf course with the city and mountains in the distance. Last night it was magical, so I slept with my sliding glass doors open (I'm on the 4th floor, no worries, no one will walk in on me). Today, I am supposed to do a zip line canopy tour of a cloud forest if only they can find my reservation. I hope so - I took a late flight last night just so I could be here today to do this!

Anyway, unless I can get my iPad back up and running, you probably won't hear from me much until I get to Ecuador later in the week. I know there are internet cafes near my hotel in Quito where I can get cheap internet. Here in the hotel business center, I am paying $10/hour, so I can't linger. Have a great week, all!


Char said...

Hope you are enjoying yourself despite the lack of technology!
It's pretty chilly here, you can tell it's October.

Shay said...

Cant wait to see those photos you globe trotter you. I think I want your job!