Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bee Activity

We had our office retreat this week. Longtime followers will remember that we go to a wonderful lodge in the middle of the Virginia countryside, Fort Lewis Lodge, for two days of debriefing and goal-setting and bonding. I absolutely love it there! It is so serene and beautiful (with a quilt on every bed!). I didn't go kayaking this year, but I did go for a walk/run, spent a few minutes in the hot tub, and ate embarrassingly large quantities of their fantastic food. I justify myself by saying, "Well, it is a retrEAT, after all!"

(this photo, lifted from the Fort Lewis Lodge website, is of the outdoor pavilion where we have our meetings and where we hang out in front of the fire after the days work is done. Seriously, if you are ever visiting SW Virginia and looking for a spectacular place to say, I can't recommend this place highly enough)

When I arrived home on Thursday, I received my fabrics for the September Bee Block. I whipped it up yesterday, and will put it in the mail today.

I also received another of my August blocks back. (curious - even though I got my fabrics out to Bee participants early in the last week of July, I've only received 4 blocks back so far in the first week of September - is that normal?) Anyway, this block was worth the wait - it is wonderful!

Plus, she threw in some bonus black and white prints for me - I love the one with the fancy ladies walking their fancy dogs!

My quilting goals for this long weekend are to finish my June Birdie BOM and prep my August and September blocks so I can take them on the road with me (my first trip of the travel season starts a week from today - back to Atlanta), to make some more progress hand-quilting the Pick and Choose quilt, and practice some free motion quilting on some hot pads for my kitchen. My home life goals for this weekend are to enjoy a campout with the kids, complete my online training for cub scout den leader for this year, and clean up this pigsty I call a home.

I understand there are some people out there who actually enjoy cleaning. Are any of you strange creatures reading my blog? If so, do you want to come visit me?


Shay said...

Im not one of those "love to clean " people. I do it because Im seriously scared of dying of botulism of eboli if I don't clean. I'll still come and visit you though and we can ignore your germs together and have some fun instead.

Love the block you sent as well as the one you received!

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Cleaning is definitely not my thing. I had a Great Aunt who loved cleaning and would scrub the kitchen floor by hand every day by simply bending over at the waist. She always amazed me. The Bee block you made is pretty. Love the block you received. I think most people in the Bee probably waited until the deadline to send out their blocks even though you sent out the fabric early.

Julie Fukuda said...

I'd love to come and clean for you if you would get my pack meeting activities all ready to go. The new "program helps" are next to useless. What kid joins Scouts to have his character developed! They want FUN!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

ack. no cleaning for me... I just packed up my studio, I am bushed... BUT, if you had a quilt retreat at that LODGE, I am so there... I wan to be on that room sewing! hmmm,, what do you think about that!