Monday, November 29, 2010

The Art of Making Do

There's been a lot going on at Casa de Hutchinson! Thanksgiving was fantastic! (Of course! Any holiday with that much food is great in my book!) But since Adam had to work on Friday afternoon, we were back home by 1 PM on Friday. I spent the afternoon putting together a captain's bed that I bought for Donald. Lots and lots and lots of screws, but I did it! He likes it and I like it, so everyone is happy. But in addition to the big box holding the bed parts, there was another box waiting for me - my long-lost string quilt, Calling All Strings (because it was foundation pieced on phone book pages) that I sent to the long-arm quilter's in February.

Granted, the wait time was horrendous, but there were extenuating circumstances, so I'm not mad. And she did a lovely job!

Originally, I had planned to give this to my father-in-law for his birthday last March, but obviously, that couldn't happen. Instead, I think I'm going to give it to my brother for Christmas. He mentioned earlier this year that everyone had a quilt from me except him, and he's right! Well, except for me and Donald.

I'm going to have to wait, but hopefully, Donald's will be ready by Christmas, too! I finished piecing the top this weekend, and here it is on his captain's bed that I put together.

It isn't very wide by design - I didn't want the quilt to get in the way of opening and closing the storage drawers under the bed. I meant for it to be longer, but I ran out of fabric. So much so that I had to cobble stuff together. There are three of these patched together white pieces,

and about 5 of 6 of these cobbled together red and blue blocks (the blocks are supposed to be 5" square, but for some I had to combine two fabrics to make 5").

And, of course, I already mentioned that the inner white border is not the same white as the white in the blocks, because I ran out of that, too. I've already shared before that Roberta Horton's Scrap Quilts: The Art of Making Do was my primary source of inspiration when I first started quilting, so "make do" is what I did. You can't really tell from a distance. Besides, it is not meant to be an heirloom, but rather a utility quilt, made with love.

In fact, all that is left of those 9 fat quarters are these few scraps. There goes my idea of making a matching pillow sham. I'll just cut these down to useable squares and add them to my scrap squares tins.

And you know I couldn't resist cutting into some of my other new fabric, right? I decided to join the ranks of those who are making mug rugs for themselves and others. This one is for ME!
Hand quilted in the ditch.

It is on my desk at work right now, which reminds me, my coffee cup is empty.
But before I dash off to the coffee machine, I just have to brag on my hubby a bit - his team has started the season undefeated, 4-0, their best start to date! On Saturday's game, my brother and his girlfriend came over (the guy waving and the woman next to him), along with her two children (who are also waving) and my two children (who are making faces, OF COURSE!), and my cousin and his wife (in front of my brother). I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!


Hazel said...

Wow 10 months of waiting for a quilt ,I would be upset ,your so understanding .It's funny you should mention "making do " I just finished a lap quilt and run out of the white and had to use a different one ,now I can notice it but I bet no one else will so don't worry about it. The quilt looks great on the bed .

Judi said...

The quilt is beautiful and worth the wait I think. Love your mug rug.

Becky said...

The finished quilt looks beautiful. Donald's quilt is cute as a button! Looks good on his new bed too. I've been sewing for 3 1/2 hours this morning....had to take a break, I was getting cross-eyed! Have a great week!!

Rachel said...

Two great quilts! You must be so relieved to get the string quilt back from the long arm quilter. She did do a beautiful job though. I love Donald's quilt - it will look great on his new bed! You've been busy - with the quilt and the mug rug (cute!) and thanksgiving and basketball! Wow.

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I love the string quilt Erin and Im so glad you're happy with it. I love these quilts because of the make do concept. (Oh and Ive just had to piece the pieces of a quilt back because I miscalculated fabric !)

Donald's quilt is looking fabulous!

Your family always looks like they have so much fun in your photos .

Stray Stitches said...

Your string quilt is gorgeous! I'm glad that it finally made it back to you.

Congrats on getting the bed put together and the quilt will look perfect on it!

Stray Stitches said...

I almost forgot - I really like your mug rug. And you hand quilted it too!!!

Piece by Piece said...

So glad you have got your quilt back, that is a long time to wait.
Donald's quilt is looking great, I am sure he will love it. You mug rug is perfect.

The Cozy Quilter said...

Donald's quilt looks great--I had to "make do" on a quilt I made recently too. It is not noticeable at all unless it is pointed out. The quilt is perfect for his new bed! You have been busy with furniture assembly, your mug rug and your sewing!