Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Daydreaming about the future

Remember these plaid Dresden Plates I worked on while traveling (before they took my needles away, that is)?

Here's where I am going with them.

I'm making quite a dent in my plaids and homespun stash, and since the blocks and sashing are so big (16" blocks, 3" wide sashing strips), it is coming together quickly. If I add one more row, it should measure 76.5" square. Notice I said "should", it won't, and I'm OK with that.

Anyway, here's the plan. My sister and her husband bought a second house in rural New Hampshire, walking distance to a swimming beach on a lake, just across the road from some hiking trails through the woods. They've spent the summer (and their savings) fixing it up with the idea that they can use it as a vacation home, but also as a vacation rental and retreat location. Her husband is an English teacher and a triathelete, so he was thinking of running creative writing and triathalon retreats. My sister is a knitter, so she was thinking of running knitting retreats. Guess what I get to do?

You guessed it! Quilting retreats! My head is spinning with the possibilities! I'm thinking of starting with a weekend flannel rag quilt workshop for beginners. I've not only made them, but also taught two other people how to make them so far, so it seems like a good place to start, as well as something that can be completed prior to the end of the workshop.

So anyway, back to the plaid Dresden Plates. I am making quilts for the beds in the house. It will take me quite some time, but what better advertising for the quilting retreats than sleeping under quilts by the instructor, right? (OK, there's probably better advertising out there, but humor me; I'm excited!) And since there will be retreats there that will attract both men and women, I wanted to make something that might appeal to both. The plaids say "masculine" and "cabin in the woods" to me, while the Dresden Plates say "a touch of femininity" and "an appreciation of pretty things." Do you think that works, or am I way off base?

And since I'm dreaming about the future, let me just tell you how my kids are making me realize that the future is rushing up and past me, despite my best efforts to slow it down. When I came back from abroad, Donald showed me how he now knows how to tie his own shoes! I am so proud! But gosh, that wasn't a milestone I wanted to miss, and it feels like one that just opens the floodgates for more independence.

Then yesterday, Jason was elected to student council. I don't even think we HAD student council in third grade. But he is walking on cloud nine. I must say, his poster was pretty,

and his speech was earnest and heartfelt. Again, I am so proud! I just hope he doesn't take this elected office idea too far and try to run for president one day. He just might win, and I'd really hate to have him have such a thankless job.

And finally, I'm worrying about my friend's future. Remember my neighbor who moved to a retirement community with her husband who has Alzheimers? Remember my recent visits with them and the adventures we had? Her husband died yesterday morning. I'm so sad, and so concerned for her. They were married well over 40 years, possibly over 50 years. I can't imagine being left alone after all that time together. I need to make sure to make a greater effort to go see her more often; she's only a little over an hour's drive away, but she's no longer driving, so it is up to me.

We never know what the future may hold...


Judi said...

Wow what a future and a great idea to make those quilts for the beds. As to your neighbor don't forget old fashioned cards to send if you can't make the trips to see her. Your artist sons could draw for her.

Rhoda said...

It's so exciting to see all the plans you and your sister have made. I can just see the cogs whirling in your brains! I love the dresden plate quilt. I want to do one someday. I think a quilt retreat in a rural location sounds like a wonderful idea.
A phone call to your friend is a good thing, too.

Lane said...

Love the bed quilt idea; including the mixture of things masculine and things feminine. And, it's turning into a beauty! Sorry to hear about your friend's passing. I recently saw a picture from the alzheimer's quilt show that really touched my heart. Lane

Hazel said...

Your idea of quilt on the beds reminds me of the series by Jennifer Chiverini , Elm Creek .What a fantastic future or at the very least something wonderful to dream about .
Love your Dresden Plate quilt ,did you get the pattern from the net ?
My heart breaks for you and your friend ,my dad also had Alzheimers ,your such a great friend even a little note in the mail will bring great comfort to her .

Shay said...

I'm so excited for you about the quilt retreat idea. That's fantastically exciting. The dresden plates are looking so good!

Your poor former neighbour, I recall you mentioning her. What an adjustment she is going to have to make.

You're so right .We never know what tomorrow will bring.

Quiltluver said...

That's sounds exciting for you, and your sister. Your quilt is going to be very pretty. So sorry to hear about your neighbor. That would be very hard to deal with after being married that long.

Piece by Piece said...

The quilting retreat sounds really exciting. Your Desden Plate quilt is looking lovely.
Sorry to hear about your neighbor's death. Being married for 50 years and loosing a husband is very difficult, believe me. My husband and I were married 50 years and a month and a half when he passed away recently. Phone calls, cards and letters will let her know that you care even if you can't visit as often as you wish you could.

Nancy said...

LOVE your Dresden Plate pattern and the ideas behind it of combining plaids (somewhat masculine) and the plate pattern. Do you want more plaids? I have lots of plaids that I plan to use in something someday.

Making quilts for your sister's cabin sounds like a terrific idea! How many beds are we talking about? And quilting retreats sound like a great idea too. Did I tell you that I am going to the retreat that Carol Schoner goes to every year with her sister-in-law in the north GA mountains? It is Nov 8-11. I should have more ideas about what an overnight retreat is like when I come back from there.

I did get the message from the guild about Janics's husband. I am on the mailing list til the end of the year I guess since I paid my dues for this year. I was so sorry to hear that, Didn't you say that she has some problems of her own too?

Crunchy Diva said...

what great future plans you have. i love it when ideas start swelling & multiplying make sure you write them down so you don't forget them...lol. love the quilts they look great.

Barb said...

oh wow....how fun would that be...a quilting retreat. Love your dresdens...

Michelle said...

Wow, what a wonderful and fun opportunity!! I look forward to hearing more about the retreats. I've been dying to go on one.

Praying for your friend. After so long together, I know she must be struggling. I'll keep her in my prayers. Hoping she also has children that will help soften the transition for her!

joe tulips said...

I am still disgusted that they took your pins away at that airport. Why can't they stick that stuff in baggage if they think it is so dangerous....anyway, I the dresden plates look great! and the retreat sound wonderful. I am so far away, But I can still dream with you!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited about your cabin retreat possibilities! Be sure to let us know when you get that in the works! I'm thinking that would be a blast!