Saturday, September 25, 2010

Three great days back to back!

No time for lots of text but there's always time for photos!

On Thursday, I stopped by Tamarack in Beckley, WV to check out the WV artisans' work. It's a good thing I can make quilts, because I could never afford to buy one there. This lap sized, machine quilted quilt was nearly $1200.

I love the stitching!

This hand quilted bed-sized quilt was nearly $2400! (sorry, forgot to rotate the photo)

Another photo not rotated, but I loved the quilting as well as the two fabrics used in this lap sized quilt. $600

I had to take a photo of this Christmas Tree quilt so I could remember to make one for myself. Very festive, but it isn't made with holiday fabrics.

It was the first time I've ever seen dolls made from corn husks. Aren't they precious?

Then, late on Thursday, my twin sister arrived in town, and we hung out late catching up.

Friday was a work day, but I was able to start and end it with my sister, and apparently she spent all the hours in between explaining to everyone she passed that she was not me. People didn't believe her. I know we are twins, but I don't think we look that much alike anymore. Apparently, I am in the minority. She loved the quilted composition book I gave her

and she gave me the coolest (warmest) socks that she knitted
and a novel, The Writing Circle, with a personalized note from the author to me saying that maybe this would be the year of MY novel. Oh how I wish!

Today, I had to work in the AM, then took my sister over the mountain to my mom's in the afternoon, then back over the mountain to my house to have dinner and fun with my brother and his girlfriend and her kids. Fun included all three of us siblings dying our hair reddish,
plus some karaoke
and some karate demonstrations.
Needless to say, I haven't been to bed before midnight in three days and I am exhausted, but my face aches from smiling so much. I love my family! I just wish my younger sister had been here to have fun with us. I'm on my way up to Philadelphia to recruit for this coming week, and I'll be staying with her, so we can work on making some memories of our own.


Michelle said...

Wonderful!! Being near family is so much fun!! I miss being near mine! have a wonderful time with them.

Shay said...

Ummmmmmm... you and your sister look a lot alike. I'm not surprised people mistake you for one another.

Oh My @ those quilt prices. Do you feel a little differently about what you were thinking of potentially charging for yours now?

I'm so glad you had fun with your sibs. You sound like a close family who like to have fun. I think it's lovely that you enjoy each other so much.

I hope your birthday was all you hoped and dreamed of. I'll keep my fingers crossed about this being your year to be published too!

Cheryl Willis said...

happy b-day (too your sis too!) family can be the best. cw

Becky said...

Tamarack is soooooo expensive. They have the artisans pick a price they want and then they add a "fee" on top. Thank goodness there are a lot of very talented artisans here in W. Va. that don't go through Tamarack and folks like me can afford them!! Looks like you had a blast with your family and I'm sure you will with your other sister this week. Isn't she the one with the new baby?

Rhoda said...

I think you and your sister look a LOT alike! Those quilts are wonderful and the quilting is top-notch, but I'd have to sell my grandchild to buy one. I'm glad you're having a great time with your family. Aren't they the best?

Janet said...

Maybe you don't look alike to yourselves or to your close family but to the rest of us you look like identical twins! :) Glad you had such a fun week. I love those corn husk dolls.

Em said...

Redheads rock, sista!!!! I have a huge grin from reading your notes and seeing you having so much fun! I can imagine how happy the boys were to see you!

Anonymous said...

Newsflash girlfriend - you and your sister look a whole bunch alike and you're both beautiful!

Pamela in SOMD