Saturday, February 20, 2010

Life is getting back to normal

First of all, there is SUN! The kids are out playing on the swings - there's nothing better than looking out your window and seeing your kids outside having fun!

Jason and I spent some time earlier this week making valentines for his class (I know we were late, but they didn't have school for two and a half weeks because of snow!). He didn't want to make cards, so we made 1" square valentine cubes out of construction paper and tape, each with a Hershey's kiss inside. That was fun, and a geometry lesson to boot.

Today, I finally got some patches sewn onto Jason's and my karate uniforms. As much as I like to sew quilts, I abhor sewing on patches. Wouldn't you know that our two main activities, karate and cub scouts, have tons of patches!

And while I've made some progress on my Strips and Scrap-plique quilt, I'm not ready for photos. I'm trying a new technique that will require laundering before I know if it works or not. Hopefully it will, and I can take a photo later this weekend.

I did find the time to make a House Block for Bumble Beans's project. It took me forever because I am lousy at following directions and spent quite a bit of time unsewing. I finally tweaked the pattern a bit - I hope you don't mind, V.

And look, I put myself in the block!

Now I'm off to visit an old quilting friend who moved away and then to watch my hunband's team kick some Eastern Mennonite University butt! Enjoy your day!


Cheryl Willis said...

love the sun!

cute house block, I made a quilt years ago with navy houses on a pink w/navy dots background. Way before I figured out the blocks don't all have to be the same-lol

Debbie said...

I like your house block, especially the little girl in the window, very cute!

Rachel said...

I agree - it's great when the kids can play outside. There is just too much screen time nowadays (don't I sound like an old women?)

Love the Valentine Cube idea. What a great project for you and Jason to do together.

And the house block is so darn cute - makes me want to sew some more, and put something in a window too.

Hope you're having a good (snowless) weekend!

Becky said...

What a cute idea to put yourself in the window!! Just adorable.

Taryn said...

I love the picture of Jason working on his valentines. How adorable! The house block is cute. I'd like to make one of those myself. I am sure you are enjoying getting life back to normal with the kids in school and the sun shining.

Michelle said...

Wonderful to be enjoying the swings. We're enjoying really warm weather too. Its been in the 60s, which is wonderful. I'm enjoying being able to send the kids out to play and open the windows a little.
I have ten more days of my class that I'm taking and then I'm back in my studio to get some quilting projects done! I have many ideas, just haven't had much time to do them!

Nancy said...

Cute cute picture of Jason working so industriously on his cubes. Missed you at City Hall today - I actually came! I'm curious to know what you are doing on your strips and scraps project.

Anonymous said...

This seemed to be the weekend for projects. I love the house blocks. Come on over and see the hats I made for my grandson!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

love your block! It's so adorable! all different is good! no worries! I they all look fantastic together!
What a great idea the boxes with a kiss inside!