Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just a quick note

Life and work have been super busy, so I don't have time to linger, but I just wanted to share my joy...

1) Hubby's team won again last night. Next up, they play the #1 Division 3 team in the country tomorrow night. Here's hoping they keep their heads and beat them - what an accomplishment that would be!

2) My new Bonnie Hunter book, Adventures with Leaders and Enders, arrived yesterday. I stayed up late last night reading (or at least looking at) every single page. Love it, love it, love it! If any of you have it, I see a "Mad City Mama" variation in my future!


Becky said...

I'll be cheering for the team! Let us know how it goes!

cozy quilter said...

Hi Erin

I just got home from a quilt guild executive meeting (I am the treasurer) and what was waiting on the shelf by the door??? A parcel from you!!! What a wonderful piece of fabric you have sent to me!!! A million thanks! I will have to ponder about what exactly I will make with it. Some ideas are already percolating!!!

Thanks for making my day!


Nancy said...

Hope the other team can get here! Is the game tonight?? I'm looking forward to seeing the new book - maybe Dave will bring it home today!

Hazel said...

Your so sweet to offer but no thanks I'll pass on that snow LOL