Saturday, January 9, 2010


I should be further along hand quilting my Bright Idea quilt, but I've been distracted. First, I stumbled upon a blog of a wonderful wonky quilter, Emily at Em Celebrates, and have lost myself in enjoying her quilts and her adventures. It's funny, I've seen several of her quilts before on Judi's blog, Green Fairy Quilts, but I didn't come upon her blog through Judi. Anyway, upon going back through her entries, I found a quilt that really spoke to me, and immediately thought I could do something like that to use up some of the yo-yos I inherited a while ago (envision yo-yo flowers in urns or vases). I started putting some blocks together trying to stay within a certain color scheme - green, purple and tan/gold (don't ask me why).
I like the blocks, but I don't really like the colors. Do I continue?

Luckily, I didn't have to decide because our Guild had a Nickelmania workshop today with Ann Littleton, using up 5" charm squares that we've been trading in our Guild. Ann brought lots of samples of layouts using the 4-patches and HST that we were making:

Of course, I challenged myself to come up with a layout different from all those presented. Perhaps something on the diagonal. Here are the layouts I played with:

I'm itching to go down to the studio and whip up some more blocks so I can flesh these ideas out a bit. But first, I leave you with some photos of Jason, who sat on the bench with the team today and kept track of the score and timeouts and other basketball-y stuff. For those of you who know my husband, doesn't he look JUST LIKE HIM? Gorgeous! You'd think I had nothing to do with his creation...well, except for the poor kid's height. Mea culpa.


Cheryl Willis said...

I think I like the wide band of 4-patch with the narrow tri/sqs. Looks like a fun block to make

I am stringing right now, (actually cutting to string) Cleaned a couple more neglected areas of the house and hope to head to bed early.

Your rug rat looks all grown up. cw

Nancy-Rose said...

Looks like a fun workshop! Wish I could have been there.

What a handsome wee lad!

Nancy said...

Love Jason's picture - tie, vest and an untied sneaker! Glad you got to come to the workshop. Fun to see your ideas for doing something different. My way of being "different" was to not use blue. I made more blocks yesterday afternoon/evening and laid out several of the other designs but decided I liked the first one best. Now need to make more blocks though. No road trip - the store couldn'tl find the handles. The Christiansburg store is holding some for us so we'll got there next weekend.