Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I finished the bindings on my placemats while watching Steel Magnolias. Just what I needed - a good cry, and a chance to put everything in perspective. My life may seem like it sucks right now, but things could always be worse.

Anyway, I made two of these,

and one each of these (I'm using scraps of fabric, so I didn't have enough to make matching sets). I altered the pattern a bit, but that shouldn't surprise you.

Aren't they fun? Here are the backs. I got the pattern here.

I'm tempted to make a couple more - I'm not used to finishing projects quickly; I could really get used to this. But, there are other pots on the stove that I need to attend to. And I mean that literally. I am melting yet more snow for water. The water guy thinks he can have us in water for Christmas. Of course, that meant someone had to stay home to facilitate that, and I lobbied that it be me. After all, it is my husband's mother that is in the hospital, and I think it is more important that he and and kids be there than me. So, it is just the dog, the cats, the fish and I here at home. It is a bit lonely, but quilting will keep me busy. A good thing about having quilting as a hobby is that there is no water required.

But, enough for today. I am in the midst of reading Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol, and I have Jennifer Chiaverini's The Quilter's Holiday lined up to read next. I may just call it an early night and go to bed.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear that you are having such a terrible time. It seems that at times like this, the worse things happen. I am waiting a Christmas gift to be delivered by Fedex, who says that the item is still out delivery at 10:30pm. No that doesn't even make sense. Hnng in there -- The Quilter's Holiday is a good short read.


You have no water! Sounds like me a week ago... no elevator, no water, and no door buzzer... thankfully for today we have all back... my legs were just getting used to walking up the 8 flights of stairs... probably did me good! gets me out from under my sewing machine! ;-)

Enjoy the quiet time, Look for the positive. You get time to reflect, Time for peace.
Have a Lovely Holiday. Thanks for always stopping by with sweet words...

kwiltmakr said...

My dad always used to say it will clear up someday, up to your knees in mud. I think he said that to cheer me up. I hope you can get the water thing straightened out soon and hope your mother in law is better really soon. Hang in there. The placemats are really nice.

Becky said...

The placemats are great! Sorry about the water thing taking so long.....but it would be a blast to have a day or so to quilt without interruption!
Enjoy! and Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

Riet said...

Sorry to hear that you are still without water. What a mess. I love your quiltpresents, the doggy is so cute.
Have a wonderful Christmas with your family,

Nancy said...

Your fabric choices are terrific in your placemats - did you keep them or give them away??