Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Friend and Foe

I had lunch at the home of one of my quilting buddies, Mamanance/Nancy, yesterday. What a treat! I went to collect a label for my comfort quilt (I got it sewn on today - plus, I got the bloodstain out, so it is ready to go join the ranks of other comfort quilts waiting to bring some warmth into someone's day) and some flannel for my buzzsaw quilt.

I not only got that but also a pattern that she had accidentally bought two of (caution: lousy photo alert!)

and she lent me her copy of Clare O'Donohue's The Lover's Knot, which I thought I had read until I read book two of the series and realized I hadn't. Great timing, as I leave for a quick trip to Atlanta tomorrow, and this gives me something to read on the plane. (by the way, I LOVE these Clare O'Donohue books!) She also lent me her copy of Walk the Line, the Johnny Cash movie, which I haven't seen yet. That will have to wait until I return, but I'm sure it will be GREAT in my new home theater.

So, that is the friend. The foe is THE FLU which has my children home for the week. You would never know they were sick by their energy level - they never seem to slow down - but they both have fevers and coughs and snotty noses. As a precaution, the entire family is being treated with Tamiflu. Hopefully, none of us will get terribly ill like the folks in the stories they have on TV daily.

No new sewing, other than the comfort quilt label. And for my trip, I am bringing karate uniforms that need patches sewn on - bleech! But it must be done; provided we are all well on Saturday, Jason and I will be testing for our PURPLE BELT!


Cheryl Willis said...

travel safely- glad to see that your buzz saw block is getting more fabrics

bingo~bonnie said...

what a very cool looking pattern! I love ones that are hard to figure out from looking at them ;) and speaking of "Lover's Knot" I'd say that the Walk the Line movie was quite a lover's knot too! ;) you will really enjoy it when you get home to watch it ;)

Good luck testing for your purple belts! Love from Texas! ~bonnie

Becky said...

Hope your boys recover quickly. That stuff can be really nasty if pneumonia sneaks in as an afterthought! Safe travels and enjoy the book.

quiltfool said...

Ughh. Sick kids and travel, all in the same week? Hope everyone gets feeling better soon. Take care of yourself. lane

Kim said...

Okay Erin.......think back to that great vacation on the beach......yeah you can get through this!
Safe travels :0)

Happy Sewing...even if it is only patches ;0)

Donna said...

Hope you all get well soon! What a great excuse to stay home and quilt!

Piece by Piece said...

Hope everyone is feeling better at your house.

Nancy said...

It was fun to have you here for awhile last Monday - and I'm looking forard to seeing you today. Will the boys be back in school today??