Tuesday, March 23, 2021

My quilty guilt - quilt blocks for charity quilts

 OK, I have to get something off of my chest.  Back in November 2012, I was inspired to make quilts for those impacted by Hurricane Sandy.  I asked if folks who read my blog wanted to help, and boy oh boy, what a response! Hundreds and hundreds of quilt blocks poured in from around the globe for months and we ended up donating more than 50 quilts.  And then I ran out of steam.  I eventually forgave myself for giving up - we all have our limits - but the problem was that I still had donated quilt blocks left.  What to do with those?  People donated them with the understanding that they would be made into quilts to give to those in need.  I tucked them away while I pondered what to do with them...

And then I came across them again while looking for the Block Lotto blocks that I gave away in the Quilty Orphan Adoption event last week.  I feel so guilty that they never became quilts to comfort those who were going through rough times.

But then I thought of all of you who threw your name in the hat for the Block Lotto blocks and all the charity sewing you do, and thought, hey, maybe I should offer the blocks to some of you doing charity work so that YOU can sew them into quilts to give to those in need.  That way, they'll be used in the spirit in which they were given.  Are you game?  

If you want a set or two (or three, or more) of blocks to make quilts for charity in the US, let me know below.  I'm trying to do some clearing out this week before school starts back again on Monday, so let me know in a comment 1) which set(s) of blocks you are interested in - don't be shy, if you are interested in all of them, just say so, I want them to go to someone! and 2) which charity you would be sewing for.  (if you are a no-reply blogger, please include an email address so I can contact you).  If more than one person is interested in a set, I'll let Random Number Generator decide who gets each set on Friday morning with the goal of all sets hopefully being mailed out by Saturday at the latest.  I am happy to mail multiple sets to each interested person.  Maybe then I can absolve myself of the lingering guilt over these unused blocks!

(Please know that with very few exceptions, I did not make these blocks so I cannot attest to their workmanship or fiber content.  I can tell you that they have been in a smoke-free, dog-friendly home these past nine years.  Please also know that I am not going to press the blocks before mailing - that is A LOT of pressing!  And I'm only willing to mail to the US as this will add up to quite a bit of postage as it is.)

Set A: Eighteen 12.5" solid sampler blocks

Set B: Thirteen 12.5" Black and White Sampler Blocks

Set C: Ten 12.5" Autumn Sampler Blocks

Set D: Thirteen 10" x 11.5" Pastel Stack & Whack Style Star Blocks

Set E: Six 13" Scrappy Orange, Blue and White Blocks (actually found these in a box of scraps I received this year)

Set F: Six 12.5" Green & White (& Pink) Star Sampler Blocks (not donated, but made by me as I was playing with ideas for a class I taught at my shop years ago)

Set G: Eight 12.5" Sampler Blocks that all include the same multicolor leafy print (not donated, but blocks I won as part of a challenge my guild had many years ago)

Set H: Nineteen 6.5" x 8" Green, Yellow & Beige Delectable Mountains Blocks

Set I: Sixteen Identical 8" Two-Fabric 16-Patch Blocks

Set J: Ten 9.5" Scrappy Nine-Patches

Set K: Forty 4.5" Scrappy Blocks (22 of the Green & Cream, 18 of the ones with black corners)

Set L: Fourteen 12.5" Scrappy Nine-Patches

Set M: The Motherlode!!  One Hundred & Two 12.5" Disappearing Nine-Patches (NOT all the same size or cut the same - this was the block I chose for the Hurricane Sandy Quilts I made and these are the leftover blocks after making dozens of quilts from these blocks)

Let's cover some folks with some quilty love, shall we?


Cathy said...

Wow! I would love some or any of these blocks for Quilts for Kids. Mostly: B, C, D, H, J and everything after that. But I will take any, as I’m sure other charity quilters will speak up, and we all want to share! Let me know - and thanks!!

Quilting Babcia said...

Wow, I'll be happy to take any or all of these sets!

Lisa C said...

You are so generous! I would like A, B, D, E, F, H or K. I make NICU quilts for the Temple location of Baylor Scott & White Hospital in Temple, TX. My childhood friend, Pam May, is a NICU nurse. She puts the quilts over the incubators and then gifts the quilts to the family on the joyous day the baby gets to go home. I will be glad to pay for shipping. THANK YOU!

Joyful Quilter said...

I'll take any you wish to send. I make quilts for central Oregon's Kiwanis Quilts for Kids. We gave a large number of quilts last year to fire victims in Oregon and California, plus local foster care kids.

Sharon said...

What a generous person you are. Almost all the quilts I make are for donation, so I would love a head start and some new ideas. I especially like A, B, C, H, K, M, but I would take any you want to send. The quilts I make mostly go to a teen drug abuse facility, a women's shelter, and Sleep in Heavenly Peace. They are donated through the local guild's community service program, which also donates lots of baby quilts to various organizations. Thanks for offering.

Donna T. said...

Capstone Recovery Center likes for each woman who completes their educational/support program to receive a handmade quilt. I could make several with SET M! Thank you so much for offering these!

Louise said...

What a super collection of blocks! So much variety. I'd be happy to take any of these to use for Covered in Love. I have a big batch of donated orphan blocks already for that charity, and more blocks means more inspiration and more quilts. Thanks for offering these :)

The Joyful Quilter said...

I need to make two 60 x 80-inch quilts for Lutheran World Relief. I will take any of the blocks sets to build a quilt around. Thanks, Erin!

GranChris said...

I would take A. They would go to Women's Abuse Shelter in Shelby,NC. I donate a lot of quilts to these ladies.

kt said...

What great blocks! I would like H, K or M. My guild supports many programs with our charity quilt program and I would love to make some more quilts to share! I remember Sandy well--we are not right on the coast so were not hit as hard as many, but it was still devastating! Thanks for sharing.

Bernie Kringel said...

Hi - what a great idea to share these for other organizations! I make quilts for Mercyful quilts - an organization similar to Kat's Covered in Love but for a hospital in Sacramento, California. I would love a set of blocks. I need enough for a lap size quilt but other than that, any of these would be perfect.
Thank you so much! :-)

Bernie Kringel said...

PS - I am happy to pay for the postage. That can add up quickly!!

Connie W. said...

WOW! That is the motherlode of orphan blocks. I work with Comfort Quilts, Team R. C. Durr in Boone County, KY. Prior to the pandemic, we met twice a month in the county libraries to sew together. The quilts (usually about 40 to 42 inches square) had been primarily donated to the Ronald McDonald House in nearby Cincinnati, OH. All this changed during the past year. Our quilts currently go mostly to the local hospital's pediatric group but we still send to the hospice, CASA, nursing homes and some churches that could distribute quilts. The Louisville Ronald McDonald House has also reached out for assistance in starting their own Comfort Quilts group. Our ladies will make any of the orphan blocks into something great for donating. I am especially interested in the disappearing 9 patches. We did this in a previous year, so I know some wonderful settings will be done with those blocks. I am happy to pay for the postage. Thanks so much for sharing your bounty.

berylthepearl said...

Hi I’m late reading this but if you now have any left, would you let me know. Wish I’d seen it sooner, but glad you got such a great response!